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Suzanne Warren, her philosophies, wise/kind words, and all around deep shit appreciation post ✿◕‿◕✿ 

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unbeyachted holy shit that was so cute— im about to go to bed so thats why the colorings a bit messy ;~; 

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A late Secret Santa drawing I did for foxery u v u

Hope everyone’s had a super great holiday/New Year’s!

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snend me things to draw

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Inktober 19

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Now, let’s get started! I’ve been planning this for three months.

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Model - Elaine Afrika

IG - @ElaineAfrika

Photographer - IG @Africanist 

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I tried to draw astrogyaru's Cecilos with smooched but I obviously heckled a very Key factor right up so *sweats* they're sitting down? My carlos is leaning for his smooch?

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1 | 2 ♡

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1-4/50 pictures of Nicole Beharie

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… son 

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