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korra caps per episode |  | 3x02

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pros of dating me: 

  • im sweet
  • i will cuddle with you whenever you want
  • my butt looks great all the time
  • love videogames

cons of dating me: 

  • im a meme loving fuck

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The King’s best jouster and her Lady Fair

The cute, mute lesbian knight! For Irregular-Pioneer and her post.

I can’t draw armour but I do have rudimentary knowledge of medieval fashion. I think the fair lady is wearing roughly 14th century English fashion. They’re at a jousting tournament!

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television gives you the opportunity to have roles that are written for women that are in a wider spectrum than in film.

lucy liu for schon! magazine // photos by marku&koala

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Harajuku Fashion

polka dot sneakers
sailor moon necklace
unicorn dress
galaxy sweater

use discount code “heartstealer” for 10% at checkout

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Night Vale Inspires - Part 6 ♥

Previous installments: [x]

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D E E R T E E T H - a Gravity Falls mix [listen] [download]

A darker mix for the coming fall. Secrets, demons, and spirits. 

There’s a sort of evil out there. Something very, very strange in these old woods. Call it what you want. A darkness. A presence. It takes many forms. But its been out there for as long as anyone can remember.

1. falling - big fok  // 2. didn’t leave nobody but the baby - emmylou harris // 3. rrlla bllder - daniel olsen // 4. childhood - beach house // 5. dream a little dream of me - mamas and the papas // 6. vaggvisa - daniel olsen // 7. blood - the middle east // 8. tangled up in stars - stealing sheep // 9. city of the damned - the gothic archies // 10. laura palmer is dead - solo1 // 11. empathy - crystal castles  // 12. psychic rites blvck ceiling - killer // 13. canons - little scream  // 14. the places you walk - jex thoth  // 15. into the night - daimon // 16. // bernadette - iamx // 17. sycamore trees - bookhouse // 18. they live in the well - bob drake

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Look  at them eyes…how could one say no.

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started from the closet now were queer

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Kitty Tights
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Use code "mermecha" for 10% off!

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hey my broes, my birthday is coming up (well it’s october 14th) but here is my amazon wishlist if u wanna hang out & have a good time

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Found this tiny jewel bug in my shoe just now. His skin was SO SOFT OH MY GOODNESS what a cute. Didn’t seem to mind being gently handled either.

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my cecil outfits are just going to get progressively worse until we reach critical gershwin mass

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